Introduction – A Site in Search of an Author

The late twentieth-century German philosopher Odo Marquard once wrote, “the philosopher is not the expert, but the stuntman of the expert.” In this philosophy blog, I take those intellectual risks that only an inexpert intellectual stuntman can. I encourage my readers and commentators to do the same. In short: This is a space for trying out ideas. Feel free.

Engravings by Bellange (1575-1616). Thanks to Hermine Demoriane and the Blondin Memorial Trust for collecting this image. Accessed 10-21-2014 at

About the Author:

PhD in Philosophy, world traveler, sometime professor and academic researcher, and avocational defender of the marginal, experimental, and avant-garde. My primary research interests concern the intersecting histories of biology, anthropology, and philosophy in the modern world.

the-search-for-truth-1963 _ small
René Magritte –
“The Search For Truth” (1963)


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